Challenge done! (Challenge 23 Day 23)

Hi there!

I can’t believe that I managed to overcome my evening laziness and carry out this little challenge. It went better than I expected. I thought I will write these posts to nowhere. But each day that I received new followers and likes and comments, I heard this little voice telling me (Ok, I didn’t actually hear a voice – more like I understood) I must’ ve been doing something right if you liked and commented, and subscribed(!).

Thank you for reading and being part of my motivation to write for this challenge.

The song is by one lovely young Lithuanian singer. I know this girl has been singing already for a while, but tonight was the 1st time I actually got to hear her.  So, now I know that if next time I am home she will be having a concert, I must go to see her live.

And a bit more about the blog. I finished this challenge and I want to take on another one, but I have a bit of work ahead of me for the studies, and I have to move again in the end of the month… But I still hope to write at least once or twice a week until I get a bit more time off from school. Then I hope to start another challenge. If you have any ideas for topics or challenges I could take on, help me out and share:)


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